Besides having a workshop, Taeho also does custom work based on commissions. Taeho considers himself a specialty builder, meaning he is not entitled to limited categories of what he builds. For the last 20+ years, Taeho has been commissioned to build all types of furniture, kitchen cabinets, and built-ins from residential to commercial property. He also builds booths for trade shows of multiple big name brands whenever time permits.

Taeho can work from existing designs or design from scratch based on the client's needs. All of Taeho's designs will be displayed as 3D rendering pictures so the clients can see exactly what to expect. If you have any questions about possible future projects, you can start by sending an email to Taeho.

All the projects for the workshop in this website can also be built from commission. Since they are custom pieces, the client can request for minor changes on the size and species of the wood. Taeho will help and guide you in getting the best proportion and color of the furniture for your place.

The Dagdigian residence

The DeBord residence

The Lee residence

Benu Restaurant