Joinery 1

Duration: 5 days class
Number of students: ?
Dates: ???
Location: Temecula, CA
Price: ???
Final Dimensions:??

In this 5 day class, we will be covering all the fundamentals of joinery that every woodworker needs to know about. There are many books and workshops available about joinery that teach how to make the joints, but not where to use, where not to use, and why. During the workshops, Taeho will share the answers to the questions he had, like these, during his apprenticeship years.

The students will be making varieties of joinery parts while acquiring the complete guide to using hand tools and jigs for power tools and machines. In the end, you will find that all the joints you made fit together to become one cool, framed box with a half blind dovetail drawer.

If you want to learn joinery while having a great time, Taeho is very confident that his workshop is the perfect choice.

What you’ll learn

  • Brief history of the joinery
  • Knowledge about the wood movement
  • Importance of the layout and marking
  • Perfect proportion of a joint
  • How to extend the lifespan of a joint
  • Complete guide to hand tools and power tools for joinery making

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